Speakers Bureau
Society of the Sons of the Revolution
in the State of Tennessee

Keeping the story of the Founding Fighters alive

The Tennessee Society, Sons of the Revolution has a number of members who are eager to present educational programs for schools and civic organizations. By appointment, they will appear in dress of the Revolutionary War Period with entertaining stories of the times. If you have a particular lesson that needs some living history emphasis, they are willing to present your curriculum in an entertaining manner.

Jerry Mustin has a display of items that a long hunter of the period would carry with him when he goes into the wilderness for several months. He loves to let children handle the objects, and answer their questions about what they are used for. When he starts a fire using flint and steel, everyone is amazed.

Mike Dahl is very colorful in his stories of the OverMountain men, and their muster at Sycamore Shoals and trek over the mountains to meet and defeat British Major Patrick Ferguson and his band of Tories at Kings Mountain - a turning point in the patriots struggle for independence from the tyrany of King George III.

Ralph and Rebecca Martin tell the story of her ancestor, Robert Young and his rifle named "Sweet Lips" for his girl back home, and his participation in the Battle of Kings Mountain. Young is credited with firing the shot that brought down Major Ferguson. Their nephew, Wesley, plays a fife in parades and reenactments.

Jim and Paula Green demonstrate crafts of the colonial period and Jim has built many items true to the period. His wife, Paula, demonstrates weaving, and makes clothing of the period. Their grandson, Tyler, will march in with a group playing a period drum.

Harry and Libby Bumgardner, owners of the cabin once owned by Revolutionary War Soldier David Hall, are always anxious to share the history of the cabin.

David and Charaity Daily; David tells the story of “a day in the life of a soldier”, and participates in many of the Living History activities of the Chapter, including the East Tennessee History Fair, and the Hamilton-Burr duel. Charaity accompanies David on many occasions, but also lectures on frontier life.

Native American descendant, Bear Brooks, represents the Cherokee with demonstrations of primative weapons, the blow gun and the bow and arrow.

These and other members will form a color guard with flint lock rifles and flags of the period, including a Betsy Ross Flag if you have an occasion for such a presentation. A black powder volley in tribute to a patriot may be in order.

The Tennessee Society, Sons of the Revolution is dedicated to keeping alive the memory of the men who achieved the independence of our country, and to preserving the freedoms they won for us. There is no charge for any of these programs, but if extensive travel expense is involved, reimbursement of expenses would be appreciated. And Tax Deductable contributions to the Sons of the Revolution are always welcome. Make an appointment with an individual in the list below if you would like to have a program for your group.

The John Rice Irwin-Anderson County Chapter of the Tennessee Society, Sons of the Revolution organizes the "Let Freedom Ring" ceremony on Independence Day at the Museum of Appalachia. This includes readings from the Declaration of Independence, the Story of the Liberty Bell, ringing of a bell for each of the 13 Colonies, and a raising of a Liberty Pole to re-enact a gathering of the Sons of Liberty.The Chapter also sponsors the Anderson County Veterans Day Parade in Downtown Clinton, and the program in the Ritz Theater immediately following the parade.
The Chapter participates in many memorial ceremonies for veterans, living history events and reenactments. Recently the Chapter has marched in the First Independence Day Parade in America in Gatlinburg, encamped at the Cumberland Gap Genealogy Jamboree, attended the Benjamin Cleveland statue dedication in Cleveland, held memorials for Revolutionary War Soliers, John McAdoo and Andrew Braden, participated in the Trail of Tears memorial at Red Clay State Park, given programs for children at the East Tennessee History Center, the Museum of Appalachia and schools, hosted the David Hall Cabin Open House, and many more appearances.

Contact the individual speakers, or the Society at: 865-540-3950, email: FightingFounders@tnsor.org