Tennessee Society, Sons of the Revolution
John Rice Irwin-Anderson County Chapter
Guest Speakers Ralph and Rebecca Martin

Ralph and Rebecca Martin portray Rebecca’s 6X grandparents, Robert and Mary Young, who lived near the settlement at Fort Watauga in western North Carolina (later Tennessee) during the Revolutionary War. Besides the familial aspect, they have chosen Robert and Mary because the ages of Robert and Mary during this period are appropriate. Robert Young joined the militia at age 62 in 1780, and marched over the mountain to engage Colonel Patrick Ferguson and his army of 1200 Tories at the Battle of King’s Mountain. These brave men who marched over the mountain are known today as the “Overmountain Men”. Ralph tells the story of the march over the mountain and the shot from Robert Young’s rifle “Sweet Lips”, named for his wife, which ended the career of the promising Colonel. Rebecca shares stories of typical life on the frontier which includes meal preparation, medicine, and daily chores.

Ralph holds a mechanical engineering degree from Pellissippi State Technical Community College, and Rebecca holds a degree in secondary science education from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. They are both retired from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Ralph has discovered fourteen grandfathers who served during the Revolutionary War. Rebecca has discovered twenty-five grandfathers who served during the Revolutionary War.

Contact information: 865-250-1718 or rrmartin@esper.com