Tennessee Society, Sons of the Revolution
John Rice Irwin-Anderson County Chapter
Guest Speaker Mike Dahl

For over 35 years Mike Dahl of Knoxville has spellbound audiences of all ages with his stories of how the lands of East Tennessee were explored and settled, of how the Cherokee resisted the settlements into their lands, of how, at the Battle of Kings Mountain during the Revolutionary War, the all volunteer “Overmountain Men” army stopped and forced the retreat of the most feared and powerful army in the entire world.

Mike has been a part of 15 documentaries including three for the History Channel. In 2010 Mike and his wife Fran did a speaking tour around Northern Ireland as part of a BBC documentary.

Today, Mike is a volunteer educator with the East Tennessee History Center and a member of the Anderson County Chapter, Tennessee Society, Sons of the Revolution.

Contact Mike at m.dahl2@comcast.net or 865-850-1797 to schedule a presentation for your group.