Tennessee Society, Sons of the Revolution
John Rice Irwin-Anderson County Chapter
Guest Speaker Jerry Mustin

Long Hunter's Camp - Living History Demonstration of life in the 18th Century in the area of what is now East Tennessee.

Jerry dresses in hand made clothing of the colonial period and visits your site. Jerry brings with him the items that a man going on a long hunt for 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years, would take with him in the 1700's to hunt deer for their skin. The items of the demonstration are spread on a blanket, and may be picked-up, looked at, touched and handled.
Among the demonstration's that Jerry can do is the making of fire from flint and steel. With your permission, Jerry can bring a flint lock rifle or musket and demonstrate loading and firing with black powder and lots of smoke.
Jerry loves telling the story of the Battle of Kings Mountain where the early settlers of what is now Tennessee crossed over the mountains and defeated British Major Patrick Ferguson in one of the most important battles of the Revolutionary War which won our independence. Jerry also talks about where words and expressions come from, such as Lock, Stock and Barrel. This program is for young kids and adults.

Jerry is a volunteer educator with the East Tennessee History Center, and the Museum of Appalachia.
Contact Jerry at cell phone 865-256-2098, or email jjmustin@comcast.net to schedule a program for your group.