Tennessee Society, Sons of the Revolution
John Rice Irwin-Anderson County Chapter
Guest Speakers David and Charaity Dailey

David and Charaity Daily – David has been part of the reenacting community since 1995. He recounts the life of a Revolutionary War soldier from birth to post-war. He lectures on 18th century weapons, and with the help of his wife Charaity, demonstrates their uses. He also lectures on frontier militia.

Charaity has a Bachelors degree in History from the University of Tennessee. She lectures on women’s life in the 18th century and gives demonstrations on Native American finger weaving. Charaity also writes a blog on women’s history called “HerStories: Bringing Woman’s Past to the Present”.

Contact David and Charaity at email: captdalaigh@gmail.com; or phone: 865-254-5360